Our mission is to improve the education and development for the underprivileged children of Nepal.

Our Mission

Since 2002, we have been committed to sharing education, love, and affection with the underprivileged children of Kathmandu. Our Mission is our name - the Education and Development of the Underprivileged Children of Nepal.  By providing education and development to the economically and socially challenged children of our country, we are helping to make Nepal a better place to live in the future. We not only provide the highest quality of education to the children, but we believe that every child must also learn to be spiritually and morally strong from within to achieve their dreams.

EDUC-Nepal is specifically designed for children of parents who cannot afford to send them to school. While they work all day, the children are often left alone, which can expose them to street life and begging. We are not only a school, but a children's welfare center that takes a holistic approach to assist with raising the children.

We take special care to ensure girls' participation in education. Female empowerment and early women's education will help raise economic productivity, lower maternal and infant mortality, reduce fertility rates, and improve the health, well-being, and educational prospects of the next generation.

We envision a Nepal that is free from corruption, and we would like to make a small but lasting impact by giving the children of tomorrow a proper moral, academic, and spiritual education.


There are now approximately 60 enrolled children that comprise five separate classes at EDUC-Nepal: play group, nursery, early kindergarten, late kindergarten, and class 1.

In our new building, which was made possible by the generous work of many donors, we are able to teach the children in five separate classrooms. We provide them with text books and teach them English, Nepali, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

The day begins with morning prayers, marching, and the Nepali national anthem, followed by splitting off into classes. Each day, all of the children are served lunch, which is provided through sponsorship. The children are in school until 3:30 PM, at which point several of the children are welcome to stay after class at the school and play or do their homework.

education in nepal

  • The children's mortality rate for children below 5 yrs. of age is 61 per 1,000 births.
  • Out of all marriages in Nepal, 34% are child marriages.
  • The adult literacy rate is 64.7%
  • 37% of girls in Nepal are married before age 18; 10% are married before age 15
  • Twelve thousands Nepali girls are sold in India every year.
  • Only 30.1% of children participate in early childhood education.
  • The literacy rate for 15-24 year old females is 13% lower than for males.
  • For ages 15+ in Nepal, the male literacy rate is 72% while female is only 45%

Source: CWIN National and Information Center, UNICEF.org